Welcome to Bay Metal Design, your one stop shop for all your metal design, metal fabrication, and powder coating needs.

About Us

     Mark and Kerie Bay live in Shattuck, Oklahoma (a little farming community in the Northwest part of the state). They are the parents of four kids. The Bay's come from a long line of farmers from this area. Following a passion of his, Mark got out of farming and founded Bay Metal in 2020. He has always had a knack for fabricating and building things, so he decided to turn it into a career. He turned the former farming equipment shed into a metal fabrication and powder coating shop hasn't looked back.

     Bay metal focuses on creating high quality home décor made from metal that is powder coated for a long-lasting, beautiful finish. Along with the wall décor, we specialize in powder coating services, sand blasting, and many other metal fabrication projects, with the aim of providing the highest quality of work available.